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JustCook helps you take back control over your diet with delicious and healthy home cooked meal kits.
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    Our customers tell us that they save 30% on groceries - and the hassle!

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    38% less food waste.

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    The most cost-effective recipe kits in the UAE.

What's Inside A JustCook Box?

  • Easy To Follow Online Digital Recipe Cards.
  • High Quality Ingredients Sourced From The Best Suppliers Across The UAE.
  • Convenient Meal Kits That Fit Your Fridge Perfectly.
  • An Innovative Way To Improve Your Cooking Skills.
  • A Reduction In Your Environmental Impact.
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We loved our first week!! Being a bit of a culinerary queen and trying to run our household like a cafe I was providing way too many options for my family's meals each week. Having signed up for JustCook have found that not only do the meals live up to my high standards but it also takes the legwork out of the laborious process of food shopping and planning meals.

- Sian

Couldn’t recommend JustCook enough! It’s so easy not having to worry each evening on what to cook! The meals are simple and easy to follow with amazing flavors and taste. It’s also so much more cost effective than me doing a weekly shop and added to that we have excellent portion control with no food waste! All in all it’s a massive win for our family!

- Nesreen

As a busy Mum to two young kids, JustCook has been invaluable these past couple of years. They deliver the fresh ingredients and a large variety of easy to cook recipes which means I can still make my family a healthy dinner even whilst holding a baby! I often recommend them and the feedback from friends has always been excellent as well.

- Stephanie

I've been using JustCook for 3 YEARS! Great quality food and service! Any minor error, they are super quick to resolve. I've even been confused on a recipe, and gotten a response within minutes! Their service absolutely simplifies my life, being a busy working mom of twins!

- Sarah

This is my first week with live freshr. Working long hours, I was getting frustrated with grabbing a burger on the way home simply because I didn't know what to cook once I got home. But this week, the ingredients have all been there, labeled, I have an easy follow recipe. This week I have made a chicken dish and a meat dish. Both healthy, fast and easy to do. I will be ordering more. Thanks JustCook, I'm a fan.

- Rae

It's been amazing, not only are the meals very tasty and easy to make but I'm learning to cook different dishes each day and trying foods that I've not had before.

I would honestly recommend JustCook to anyone as it's great value for money, the meals are easy to prepare and cook and it's saves me spending lots of time in the supermarket trying to decide what to get for dinner and then finding all the individual ingredients.

- Daniel

How It Works

Example recipe cards

We create delicious recipes for you to follow and recreate at home. Follow our instagram @justcookuae to see all of our latest recipes

Individually wrapped ingredients

We take care of the shopping and portioning. Then deliver to your door each week.

Final plated recipe

Prepare quick, easy and nutricious meals for you and the family.

Over 30 Delicious Recipes Every Week!