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From a nutritional point of view, the term ‘superfoods’ holds no actual value. Back in the day, marketers came up with the idea of superfoods to influence and create trends, and make more money. Plus, we also need to consider that no single food holds the secret to good health and prosperity. The human body is quite complex, and we need a wide range of nutrients to function well. With that said, some foods are better than others, and there is no arguing there. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at five popular superfoods and what makes them so beneficial for us. Read More

Dishes From Popular Global Cuisines

It is amazing how varied and colorful the nutritional world is. You could sit down for a meal in some random restaurant, travel 300 miles west to another country, and the menu would be completely different. Among the many countries, cultures, and people, we can pick from thousands of unique recipes to try. Every country has its unique take on recipes, and each meal offers a sensation that immerses you into their culture. Read More

Intermittent Fasting - History, Modern Adaptation, Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, intermittent fasting is nothing new. It’s been around for many centuries, and countless people have used it to extend their life, improve their concentration, and remain healthy. Fasting has also been - and still is - a big part of some religions. Read More

All About The Paleo Diet

So, you’re interested in learning more about the Paleo diet? Maybe you’ve heard about it and want to see how it works, or perhaps you’re interested in knowing where it came from and what benefits it offers. Read More

4 Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Each day, countless, harmful microorganisms target your body and try to make it their home. Most never make it inside, but the ones that do typically get neutralized quickly. Your immune system is the all-seeing defense mechanism of your body that keeps tabs on almost everything that happens inside your body. It keeps an eye out for external threads and makes sure to get rid of them quickly. Read More

The Value Of Time

Time is one of the few finite resources we have in our lives. Though we happily trade it for all sorts of things, we can’t get it back once spent. Read More

The Importance Of Childhood Nutrition

Having worked as a children’s mental health nurse for the last seven years, I’m acutely aware of how important healthy and balanced nutrition is for children. Eating disorders are on the rise in the UAE, and it is our responsibility to develop a healthy relationship with food and teach our children. Read More

4 Actionable Tips To Make 2021 Healthier For You

With the new year upon us, we need to consider what’s important for us and how we want to achieve it. Nutrition is always a big part of the equation because it impacts every aspect of our lives - how we feel, look, and more. It also dictates how well we can handle work and how productive we can be. Read More