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It is amazing how varied and colorful the nutritional world is. You could sit down for a meal in some random restaurant, travel 300 miles west to another country, and the menu would be completely different.

Among the many countries, cultures, and people, we can pick from thousands of unique recipes to try. Every country has its unique take on recipes, and each meal offers a sensation that immerses you into their culture.

In this post, we’ll go over dishes from the five most popular international cuisines. From Turkey to China, and all the way south to Argentina, here are six dishes you should try at least once.

1. France’s Boeuf bourguignon

The dish comes from an east-central territory in France called Burgundy. Originally a peasant meal, bourguignon is now a staple in French cuisine and can be found in many French restaurants worldwide.

Boeuf bourguignon is a stew made with beef braised in red wine, beef broth, and seasoned vegetables.

2. China’s Sichuan Pork

China is a country with a rich and vibrant history. It should come as no surprise that it’s also the home of many incredible recipes. One such recipe is Sichuan pork. This dish comes from Sichuan - a southwestern Chinese province - and is a popular dish across China.

Preparing the meal involves boiling it while having it coated in egg white and starch, which helps preserve its tenderness. Besides the pork, this recipe also includes crunchy greens, garlic, onion, and cashew.

The result is a quick, tender, and delicious one-pan dish that serves two to four people.

3. Turkey’s Döner

If you’re a fan of wraps and sandwiches, you’ll love the Turkish döner. This tasty delight features tender chicken, lamb, or beef meat with a special garlic yogurt sauce, fresh vegetables and spices, all neatly wrapped inside pita bread.

The meat is slow-cooked on a vertical rotisserie, which fills it up with flavor and preserves its tenderness. Thanks to the unique combination of the ingredients and the pleasant texture of the bread, you’re left wondering, “How can such a delicious sandwich exist?”

And the best part? Though considered fast food, Turkey’s döner is healthy and nutritious, making for a great meal to have if you’re on the go.

4. Argentine’s Dorada a la parrilla

If you’re a fan of fish dishes, you’ll love Argentine’s Dorada a la parrilla. This cuisine features a grilled dorado fish coated in a special sauce consisting of white wine, oil, salt, pepper, and herbs. To that, you also get a side of starch (typically, roasted potatoes), vegetables, and lemon for taste.

What makes this recipe unique is the grilling process on a parrilla. It adds a unique taste to the fish and improves its texture.

5. Italy’s Pasta & Pizza

Pasta and pizza are two iconic Italian dishes, and both can vary greatly depending on what region of Italy you’re visiting. Each region offers specialties, which you should taste. For instance, if you visit Florence, you must try the Tagliolini with butter and truffles, which feature truffles, parmesan cheese, butter, and peppers.

As for pizza, you can’t go wrong with the Margherita. This simple and tasty pizza comes from Naples and features a thin pizza topped with olive oil, basil, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.

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