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Sweet Potato & Beef Paleo Lasagne with Almond Milk Bechamel

  • Paleo
  • Spicy
  • Meat
  • Italian
  • Contains Dairy
  • Beef

One of the most popular recipes of all time this paleo lasagna is a perfect meal to serve to your non-paleo friends, partners, or fussy kids.

Nutrition Per Portion

  • Calories


  • Carbs


  • Fat


  • Fibre


  • Protein


  • Sugar


  • 0.0 min

    Bring a pan of water to the boil. Also boil the kettle to make the stock - you will need 500ml of boiling water for each stock cube.

  • 1.0 min

    Preheat the oven to the 180C.

  • 1.5 min

    Peel and thinly slice the sweet potato into thin strips.

  • 3.5 min

    Finely chop the celery.

  • 4.5 min

    Peel and finely chop the onion and garlic.

  • 7.0 min

    Peel and grate the carrot.

  • 8.5 min

    Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium high heat.

  • 9.0 min

    Add the sweet potato strips to the boiling water and cook until partly softened.

  • 10.0 min

    Add the celery, onion and garlic to the pan with oil and sautee until softened.

  • 11.5 min

    Add the carrot and continue to sautee until softened.

  • 13.0 min

    Add the beef mince and sautee until the mince is browned.

  • 13.5 min

    In another saucepan melt the butter over medium high heat.

  • 14.5 min

    Stir through the coconut flour so that it will form a mixture that resembles wet sand.

  • 15.5 min

    Whisk the almond milk into the butter-flour mixture and allow to simmer until thickened then remove from the heat.

  • 16.5 min

    Add the beef stock, chopped tomatoes and tomato paste to the mince and bring to the boil.

  • 17.0 min

    Drain the sweet potato slices.

  • 18.0 min

    Lower the heat and allow the beef mixture to simmer until reduced. Season with salt, pepper, oregano and chilli flakes (optional).

  • 20.0 min

    Remove the beef mixture from the heat.

  • 20.5 min

    Layer the sweet potato slices on the bottom of a casserole dish.

  • 21.5 min

    Layer the beef mince, followed by a layer of the almond milk bechamel.

  • 23.0 min

    Repeat steps, ending with a layer of almond milk bechamel as the top.

  • 26.0 min

    Place the paleo lasagne in the oven and bake until the sweet potato is fully softened and the top has browned.

  • 35.0 min

    Remove from the oven and distribute among serving plates.

  • 36.0 min

    Garnish with parsley.

  • Ingredients

    Sweet Potato

    thinly sliced


    finely chopped



    Brown Onion

    finely chopped


    finely chopped

    Beef Mince

    Chopped Tomatoes

    Beef Stock

    combine each stock cube with 450-500ml of boiling water. Stir until dissolved. 50 ml per person

    Tomato Paste


    Coconut Flour

    Almond Milk

    Dried Oregano

    Dried Chilli Flakes

    use according to taste

    Olive Oil

    1 tablespoon per person

    Fresh Parsley

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