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Sumac and Mint-Grilled Lamb Chops with Quinoa Fattoush with Quinoa Fattoush

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Juicy, mint and sumac crusted lamb chops served with a fresh, crunchy Arabian-style salad.

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  • Step 1

    Preheat the oven to 160C. Halve the cherry tomatoes and cut the tortillas into thin strips.

  • Step 2

    In a saucepan, add quinoa and water (60 ml per person) and bring to the boil. Cook until tender.

  • Step 3

    Meanwhile, prepare the other ingredients: finely slice the red onion, juice the lemon, mix together the spice mix and some olive oil, mix together the mint sauce and half of the sumac, and mix together the remaining sumac with lemon juice and olive oil (1 tablespoon per person).

  • Step 4

    Brush the tortilla strips with the spice mix and place in the oven to cook until crisp.

  • Step 5

    Coat the lamb chops with the mint and sumac sauce. Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat and add the lamb chops. Sear on both sides until slightly charred and cooked to your liking.

  • Step 6

    Once the quinoa is done, drain it.

  • Step 7

    In a large bowl, toss together the mint, coriander, cherry tomatoes, rocket, cooked quinoa and red onion. Drizzle the salad with the lemon-sumac dressing and season with salt, to taste.

  • Step 8

    Remove the tortilla strips from the oven and toss them through the salad. Distribute the salad among serving bowls. Remove the lamb chops from the heat and serve atop the fattoush salad. Enjoy your meal!

  • Ingredients


    Mint Sauce

    Lamb Chops


    Cherry Tomatoes


    Flour Tortillas


    Olive Oil

    1 tablespoon per person

    Fresh Mint

    Fresh Coriander

    Fresh Rocket

    Red Onion

    thinly sliced

    Brazilian Spice Mix


    juiced 1/4 lemon juiced per person

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