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Sumac and Mint-Grilled Lamb Chops with Quinoa Fattoush with Quinoa Fattoush

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Juicy, mint and sumac crusted lamb chops served with a fresh, crunchy Arabian-style salad.

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  • 0.0 min

    Preheat the oven to 160C.

  • 1.0 min

    Halve the cherry tomatoes.

  • 2.5 min

    Cut the tortillas into thin strips.

  • 3.5 min

    In a saucepan add the quinoa and water (60 ml per person) and bring to the boil, cook until tender.

  • 4.5 min

    Peel and finely slice the red onion.

  • 6.0 min

    Halve and juice the lemon. Reserve the correct amount.

  • 7.5 min

    In a small bowl, mix together the spice mix and some olive oil.

  • 9.0 min

    In another small bowl, mix together the mint sauce and half of the sumac.

  • 10.0 min

    In another small bowl, mix together the remaining sumac, the lemon juice and olive oil (1 tablespoons per person).

  • 11.5 min

    Brush the tortilla chips with the spice mix and place in the oven to cook until crisp.

  • 13.0 min

    Coat the lamb chops with the mint and sumac sauce.

  • 14.5 min

    Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat.

  • 16.0 min

    Add the lamb chops to the pan and sear on both sides until slightly charred and cooked all the way through to your liking.

  • 18.0 min

    Drain the quinoa.

  • 19.0 min

    In a bowl, toss together the mint, coriander, cherry tomatoes, rocket, quinoa and red onion.

  • 21.0 min

    Drizzle the salad with the lemon-sumac dressing and season with salt, to taste.

  • 22.0 min

    Remove the tortillas from the oven and toss through the salad.

  • 24.0 min

    Distribute the salad among serving bowls.

  • 25.0 min

    Remove the lamb chops from the heat and and serve atop the fattoush salad.

  • Ingredients


    Mint Sauce

    Lamb Chops


    Cherry Tomatoes


    Flour Tortillas


    Olive Oil

    1 tablespoon per person

    Fresh Mint

    Fresh Coriander

    Fresh Rocket

    Red Onion

    thinly sliced

    Brazilian Spice Mix


    juiced 1/4 lemon juiced per person

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